What Is Voice Termination and How Does It Work?

What is Voice Termination and How does It work

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) enables voice communication, transmitting voice through the Internet. In VoIP voice calls, the caller initiates a call, and the data is broken into packets and assigned identifying information to help them travel through the network. The packets are then reassembled at their final destination and delivered to the recipient.

What Does the Term “Voice Termination” Mean?

Voice Termination, commonly known as call termination, is a crucial point in the call’s journey. When a call is made, it traverses a network of different mobile or VoIP providers until it reaches its designated destination. Voice termination is the moment when the call is finally received. This process may involve routing the call to an online platform like Skype, directing it to the traditional PSTN (public switched telephone network) when the caller connects to a landline number, or channelling it through a mobile network carrier. Termination services ensure that these calls are delivered to recipients, regardless of their geographic location.

The voice termination provider is also responsible for reassembling the data upon its arrival at the destination. This crucial step ensures that the call is completed smoothly and maintains high call quality. Thanks to advancements in VoIP technology, call quality has significantly improved, often reaching a standard that matches or exceeds that of traditional calls.

Engaging in VoIP calls is a hassle-free process, requiring no additional hardware or complex infrastructure. All that’s needed is access to mobile network data, such as 3G or 4G, an internet connection, and a compatible device. Callers can use a VoIP-compatible phone, computer, or tablet without geographical constraints, promoting cost-effectiveness and mobility.

Benefits and Key Features of VoIP

Wholesale VoIP from Acmetel offers several advantages and key features:

  1. Enhanced Scalability: The ability to handle wholesale VoIP minutes volumes is critical for VoIP carriers to offer reliable service. It also determines their concurrent call-handling capabilities. A higher VoIP minutes volume translates to increased call capacity, heightened reliability, and improved call quality.
  2. Cost-Efficient Integration Solutions:  Efficient communication is a primary concern for organizations seeking to reduce communication costs while maintaining call quality. Our extensive packages and services offer flexible solutions and streamlined call monitoring, simplifying the management of your communication needs.
  3. Strategic Routing and Advanced Call Management: Wholesale VoIP LCR, also known as Least Cost Routing, is a potent tool that helps businesses improve communication efficiency and enhance the customer experience. It offers features like automated call routing, business intelligence, and advanced call management, assisting companies to optimize call routing and exercise cost control while tracking call performance.
  4. Scalable Growth Opportunities: Wholesale VoIP meets current communication needs and scales seamlessly with business growth, allowing organizations to adapt effortlessly to evolving demands without compromising call quality or efficiency.
  5.  Connectivity and Global Reach: Wholesale VoIP enables businesses to easily connect with global clients, partners, and customers, expanding market presence and growth opportunities.

Within our Wholesale Voice offerings, you will find the following two products:

  1. Premium Voice:  Acmetel’s exclusive Premium Voice service is ideal for those who value reliable Caller Line Identification (CLI). We offer direct routes across the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa, ensuring top-notch voice termination. Key features include global coverage, real-time monitoring, competitive pricing, CLI assurance, a high Answer-Seizure Ratio (ASR), and superior Average Call Duration (ACD).
  2. Standard Voice:  Our Standard Voice solution is perfect for comprehensive global voice termination. It focuses on broad coverage and stable quality metrics, making it ideal for carriers seeking A-Z termination, especially for retail traffic. Features include global access, A-Z termination, consistent quality, real-time monitoring, and a balanced cost-quality ratio.

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