The Ultimate Filtering Solution in the Market to Date.

Our SMS Firewall product is a comprehensive solution that uses advanced filtering techniques to establish a robust blocking policy. This strategic design helps safeguard revenue and enhances the customer experience by preventing unwanted messages from reaching their devices.

We Utilize a comprehensive approach to effectively prevent grey routes and ensure the integrity of a network. We employ a robust SMS firewall that proactively monitors and block suspicious messaging patterns associated with grey routes. Our advanced firewall monitoring system examines message characteristics to detect potential signs of unauthorized activity to prevent the misuse of cheap routes for SMS probability/phone intelligence. We maintain compliance with legal requirements in both the sender’s and recipient’s jurisdictions. By combating these strategies, Acmetel maintains a secure and reliable messaging environment, protecting against the risks posed by grey routes.

SMS Firewall Product

Importance of SMS Firewall




incremental revenue


Restriction Of Spam


traffic increaSE

Our Enhanced SMS Filtering Solution

Our Enhanced SMS Filtering Solution

Monitors both inbound and outbound SMS traffic

Advanced content and phrase detection

Efficient bulk and pattern detection

Effective sender ID blocking

Robust fraud detection against spoofing and faking

Flexible blacklisting, whitelisting, and active/passive capabilities

Powerful multi-rule combination

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