Unlocking the Secrets of A2P SMS Monetization

Unlocking the Secrets of A2P SMS Monetization

Application-to-person (A2P) messaging is a channel that businesses use to connect with end-users through automated messages, such as one-time passcodes (OTPs), parcel delivery updates, security notifications, and promotional content. A2P messaging is cost-effective, scalable, and can deliver messages quickly.

MNOs can use A2P messaging to boost their SMS revenue and stay competitive in the telecom industry. Here are some ways to optimize SMS revenue through A2P SMS monetization:

  1. Implement an SMS firewall: An SMS firewall can identify, block, and filter unsolicited or unpaid SMS traffic within the network. It helps to prevent network infiltration and ensure a seamless subscriber experience.
  2. Use a tracking and reporting system: A tracking and reporting system can provide valuable insights into traffic patterns, volumes, origins, and delivery routes. This information makes data-driven decisions about SMS traffic management.
  3. Safeguarding the network through ring-fencing: Ring-fencing involves gaining control over and filtering familiar sources of SMS traffic, such as SS7 and international routes. It helps to prevent unauthorized routing and ensure the integrity of A2P messaging services.
  4. Embrace an all-in-one technology platform: A technology platform with cutting-edge AI and cloud capabilities can help support A2P fraud detection and prevention, leading to improved monetization efforts. The platform should also have APIs that make integrating with ERP, CRM, and CMS systems easy.
  5. Consider legal and operational aspects: Operators must ensure that their filtration processes align with local regulations. They should also revisit their business plans to account for legal and technical elements and explore new pricing policies. Outsourcing these considerations can be a viable approach to streamline implementation.

By implementing these strategies, operators can effectively monetize A2P messaging, boost SMS revenue, and sustain a competitive advantage in the telecommunications industry.

Maximizing SMS profitability:  A2P SMS monetization can help operators boost their SMS revenue significantly by eliminating fraudulent activities and collecting termination fees for each SMS successfully delivered to their subscribers. It can also open doors for wholesale collaborations with roaming partners and OTT service providers, expanding revenue streams.

Total network traffic control: A2P monetization can give operators complete control over their network infrastructure by ensuring the security of A2P traffic through continuous penetration testing and real-time reporting for optimizing network performance. This comprehensive approach results in a seamless and improved customer experience.

Combatting SMS fraud on the SMS channel: A2P monetization solutions can help operators fortify the SMS channel against fraudulent activities. By implementing tools such as SMS firewalls, ring-fencing mechanisms, and real-time monitoring systems, operators can effectively block unauthorized or “grey” routes and eliminate illegitimate traffic. This proactive stance enhances the integrity of the SMS channel, providing a safer and more reliable communication platform.

Empowering A2P SMS Traffic for Elevated Revenue Growth

MNOs face multiple challenges, including the decline of person-to-person (P2P) messaging, increased fraudulent SMS deliveries, and the presence of OTT players in the market. Due to these challenges, the growing A2P SMS traffic emerges as a promising avenue for cultivating an additional revenue stream. It becomes imperative to prioritize A2P SMS monetization as a strategic response to these threats, fortifying the SMS channel and securing sustainable revenue growth.

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