Understanding SIM Boxes Acmetels fight against fraudulent activities.

Understanding SIM Boxes Acmetels fight against

SIM Boxes are devices or international gateway switches used to bring mobile traffic into a country and make it appear as domestically originated traffic. They route international calls through local SIM cards, bypassing official channels and taking advantage of lower local call rates. However, this activity is illegal and causes significant revenue loss for telecom operators.

Acmetel recognizes the detrimental impact of SIM Box fraud on telecom operators’ revenue and implements robust measures to prevent and combat this fraudulent activity. Its fraud management system employs advanced traffic monitoring capabilities that analyze call patterns and detect suspicious activities indicative of SIM Box fraud. It also utilizes real-time fraud detection, which utilizes machine learning techniques to identify potential SIM Box fraud in real-time.

Acmetel’s fraud management system operates on two core principles:

  • Firstly, it utilizes test call generation to determine the authenticity of incoming calls, ensuring that when a call is received, the system can accurately verify whether it originates from the correct route or not.
  • Secondly, Acmetel’s fraud management system incorporates predictive analysis by analyzing call record details

Through this analysis, the system can identify and differentiate between legitimate and fraudulent numbers, enabling proactive detection and prevention of fraudulent activities. By combining these two approaches, Acmetel provides a professional and simplified solution to mitigate SIM box fraud effectively.

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