Securing MNO Networks and Revenue Streams: Implementing Market Leading SMS Firewall for A2P Revenue Protection

Securing MNO Networks and Revenue Streams

Acmetel recognizes the importance of securing Mobile Network Operator and preserving revenue streams in the face of growing A2P revenue leakage. To address this challenge, Acmetel offers an advanced SMS firewall solution, empowering MNOs to protect their networks from unauthorized A2P messaging and safeguard valuable revenue streams. By implementing this market-leading SMS firewall, Acmetel ensures enhanced security, increased revenue protection, and optimal network performance for MNOs.

Robust A2P Revenue Protection

Acmetel’s SMS firewall acts as a comprehensive defense system, protecting MNOs against A2P revenue leakage. There are several key features including:

a) Traffic Monitoring and Filtering

The SMS firewall actively monitors and filters incoming messaging traffic, identifying unauthorized A2P messages and preventing revenue loss due to bypassing official channels.

b) Grey Route Detection and Prevention

Grey Route refers to the unauthorized entry of traffic into a telecommunication network, without the Mobile Network Operator’s (MNO) approval. In many cases, this involves sending international A2P messages disguised as cheaper traffic, such as local A2P or P2P. Grey routes can also encompass routing practices that might be legal in the sender’s country but illegal in the recipient’s country, making it crucial for MNOs to not only focus on firewall setups but also have a comprehensive understanding of the legal and commercial aspects of the operations.

Acmetel’s SMS firewall detects and blocks grey routes, minimizing fraudulent activities and revenue leakage associated with unauthorized messaging routing.

c) Anti-spoofing technique

The SMS firewall implements stringent anti-spoofing techniques to verify the sender’s identities, ensuring that only legitimate A2P traffic is processed and unauthorized senders are blocked.

Winding it up!

By implementing Acmetel’s market-leading SMS firewall, MNOs can confidently secure their networks, protect valuable revenue streams, and optimize A2P messaging monetization, Acmetel’s solution not only safeguards against revenue leakage and unauthorized messaging but also provides opportunities for revenue growth, and advanced network performance ensuring a secure and prosperous future for MNOs in the rapidly evolving telecom industry.

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