Navigating the Mobile Messaging Abuse Challenge: Acmetel’s Holistic Solution to Minimize Negative Effects


What is Mobile Messaging Abuse?

Unsolicited and bulk messages sent through mobile channels, often called spam, constitute mobile messaging abuse. Harmful messages can also break the rules established by networks and local laws. Various groups are responsible for sending such messages, ranging from and including:

  • Businesses that push aggressive marketing without consent
  • Payday loan vendors frequently drive aggressive loan offers.
  • Phishing scams targeting login credentials for websites
  • Devious hackers aim to dupe individuals into disclosing sensitive information or calling fake hotlines.
  • Mobile phones with malware can send spam messages, hindering the exchange of letters between devices.

The distinction between grey route traffic and spam should be acknowledged. In contrast, spam messages are undesirable and potentially harmful; grey route traffic includes statements that are willfully received, such as banking updates, 2-step verification messages, or activation codes. Grey route traffic presents a challenge in identifying spam.

Mobile Messaging Abuse Impact

  • Subscriber Consequences
    Different types of spam, including bank phishing, can severely affect victims, impacting their personal lives and financial security. The network provider may be seen as neglectful in their duty to safeguard interests, given their failure to prevent harmful messages.
  • Reputation Implications
    When spam problems plague a network operator, it sparks not only negative attention from customers, leading to increased turnover but also from other operators who may choose to bar messages from affected operators, ultimately resulting in financial loss.
  • Regulatory Challenges 
    Regulatory bodies may directly intervene if an operator experiences a substantial spam problem. These regulators may impose specific requirements on the operator, compelling them to confront and resolve the spam issue. 

Experience from working with customers worldwide shows that networks not taking proactive steps against spam, especially when other operators within the region are taking precautions, tend to become a hub for spammers. Once these spammers gain a foothold, it becomes incredibly challenging to eliminate them, resulting in consistent damage to reputation and finances. Subscriber complaints rise, prompting other operators to take action against the network hosting the spammers.

Acmetel employs an advanced SMS filtering solution to prevent spam messages and combat mobile messaging abuse. It incorporates innovative filtering techniques to identify and block unsolicited messages, ensuring that only legitimate and desired messages reach users. The SMS Firewall monitors incoming and outgoing SMS traffic, utilizing bulk and pattern identification and sender ID blocking. Additionally, Acmetel’s experts actively manage the system to eliminate sources of abuse such as grey route usage. By deploying this comprehensive filtering approach, Acmetel safeguards the network operators and their subscribers and maintains a secure and dependable communication environment.

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