Ensuring Accurate SMS Filtering through Acmetel’s Probe Testing

Ensuring Accurate SMS Filtering through Acmetel's Probe Testing

What is Probe Testing?

Probe Testing is a tool that telecom operators employ to test SMS Firewall’s accuracy and locate any potential vulnerabilities within their network infrastructure. This proactive approach involves subjecting the SMS Firewall to various tests using probes, essentially simulated attempts to send SMS messages through the network. This method helps detect anomalies, fraudulent activities, and vulnerabilities within the network. By subjecting the SMS firewall to various tests, operators can ensure it blocks malicious traffic, prevents revenue leakage, and stays ahead of evolving bypass techniques, thus enhancing network security and reliability.

How can you assess the SMS Firewall’s accuracy via probe testing?

Probe Testing assesses the accuracy of an SMS Firewall by sending a range of SMS messages intended to exploit known liabilities. The SMS firewall’s effectiveness is evaluated based on its capability to obstruct these messages, thereby preventing their delivery to subscribers. 

For instance, a probe test might send a message with a spoofed sender ID. A precise SMS firewall will identify the anomaly and block the letter, ensuring it doesn’t reach subscribers. However, operators can measure the firewall’s accuracy by observing its ability to prevent SMS-based threats. This method enables operators to assess the accuracy of the firewall by observing its ability to detect and block different SMS-based threats, ensuring a secure network.

Acmetel’s Network Protection Assessment via Probe Testing

Acmetels Network Protection Assessment via Probe Testing

Acmetel’s network protection assessment through probe testing involves the detection of the following:

  • SIM Farms: Probe testing identifies SIM farm operations by examining traffic patterns and behaviour associated with spam and fraudulent activities.
  • Sender ID Re-write: Through probe testing, the system reveals instances where sender IDs are illegally manipulated or forged, tactics commonly utilized by spammers and fraudsters.
  • Firewall Bypass and Revenue Leakage: Probe testing helps uncover potential firewall evasion techniques and revenue leakage vulnerabilities, ensuring all SMS traffic follows legitimate billing channels.
  • New Bypass Types and Attempts: Probe testing ensures the SMS firewall remains updated by simulating emerging bypass methods and adapting to evolving threats. 
  • Source of A2P Traffic: Probe testing discreetly traces the origin of Application-to-Person (A2P) traffic. It’s essential to differentiate P2P traffic from other types of traffic to enhance management and prevent confusion and malicious actors from sending spam. 
  • Content Manipulation: The system can detect when someone is attempting to manipulate content and secure SMS messages.

Acmetel’s proactive approach to network security

Acmetel uses probe testing to maintain its networks’ and SMS services’ security and integrity, this proactive approach lets us quickly detect abnormalities or fraudulent behaviour within our traffic streams. By identifying revenue leakage points, we can safeguard the financial interests of our clients.

Moreover, Acmetel employs probe testing to eliminate network vulnerabilities and ensure robust protection against evolving threats. Without an SMS Firewall, MNOs lack visibility and cannot effectively filter traffic. Regular probe testing empowers Acmetel to uphold network security, guaranteeing their subscribers’ safety from SMS-based threats.

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